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At Booklice , a part of Pest Control Bournemouth are at hand to deal with all Booklice problems 7 days a week. We are all fully qualified and trained to undertake all Booklice Control and Booklice Prevention throughout all Nurslingand Dorset areas for both domestic and commercial properties.

You will find our team helpful and they will also offer you advice on any pest problem that you may have, we also have same day appointments, so if you find you have Booklice, just pick up the phone and give Pest Control Bournemouth a call and we can be out the same day to eradicate these pests.

Pest Control Bournemouth are not a large National Company, and our prices are very competitive as we save on our advertising and we reflect this back on the price we charge you, most of our work comes from customer referrals and repeat business.

Call us Booklice Team Team at Pest Control Bournemouth Free Today On: 0800 0258 678.

About Booklice

Booklice are fast moving minute light brown in colour about 1mm Long

There are several species and they all have soft bodies and cannot fly they feed and live around damp surfaces eggs are hatched other 4 weeks

Adult booklice feed on microscopic moulds that grow on the glue of book – bindings

Or on damp food (especially cereals)

They can grow to large numbers especially in new properties where the plaster is still damp

They survive poorly in dry cold or dry heat.