Cockroach Control in Kinson

Cockroach Control Kinson

Cockroach Control Kinson

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Cockroach Control Kinson are at hand to deal with all your Cockroach problems 7 days a week. We are all fully qualified and trained to undertake all Cockroaches.

We also carry out Cockroach Prevention throughout all Kinson and Dorset areas for both domestic and commercial properties.

A lady pest controller is available on request

You will find our team helpful and they Pest Control Bournemouth also offer you advice on any pest problem that you may have, we also have same day appointments, so if you find you have an Cockroach Infestation, just pick up the phone and give Pest Control Bournemouth a call and we can be out the same day to eradicate these pests.

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Tawny – 12-15mm

Tawny Cock Roaches

Brown in colour with 2 dark stripes on the thorax. The wings are as long as the body or slightly overlapping in both sexes. They scuttle & are very good climbers, due to the sticky pads on their feet, which gives them the agility to climb up smooth surfaces including glass. If conditions are warm enough they will also fly. Tawny cockroaches prefer warm, wet locations with high humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas.

Lesser Cockroach – 20-30mm

Lesser Cockroach

Dark brown to black in colour. The wings are undeveloped in the female but cover ¾ length of the abdomen in the male. Both sexes prefer to scuttle but can climb some rough surfaces. Unlike Tawny cockroaches Oriental ones cannot fly. They prefer cooler, damper areas such as basements, drains and even survive outdoors on rubbish tips.

American Cockroach – 20-30mm

Dusky Cockroach

Also known as the palmetto bug, Dusky Cockroach are not so common in UK homes. They are reddish brown in colour and have a pale yellow area around the perimeter of the pronotum. These cockroaches tend to be found in dark, undisturbed areas that are high in humidity.

About Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are able to hold their breath for up to 40 minutes, why they do this is unknown, although it is thought that it may be to save water. They are also one of our planets great survivors and cockroaches have been around since the dinosaurs and they will most probably out live all us too.

Cockroaches are amphibious and when threatened they will run into water. There is also more to cockroaches than we may think they are one of the most adaptable creatures that exist worldwide apart from the Polar Regions and in elevations above 2,000 meters. They can also survive under water for several hours.

There are around 4,300 species of cockroaches and less than 30 of these are considered as pests. The world’s smallest cockroach is approx 3mm long and the heaviest is an Australian Rhinoceros which is approx 80mm in length and the cockroach that has the largest wingspan is the Megaloblatta Blaberoides.

However we in the UK are quite lucky as there are only 3 species which has probably been brought in from abroad, these are the Tawny, Lesser and the Dusky Cockroach.

If you do have a problem with cockroaches we will be on hand to help you, with our team of dedicated technicians we offer you a fast and efficient service, covering both commercial and domestic properties.